Event Marketers Path to Leadership


Deep-dive sessions on how to level up your skill set across other marketing disciplines. Learn how to become a successful marketing leader.

Masterclass Event by Goldcast

The role of an event marketer has changed—it’s not just event planning anymore.It’s about creating experiences that focus on building relationships with buyers, amplifying brand messaging, and collecting deep data insights that can be used for extended touchpoints with prospects and customers.

At Goldcast, we are lucky to work with 300+ event marketers from brands like Zuora, Microsoft, Amplitude, Drift, Salesloft, and more. And the best ones are crafting experiences that meaningfully influence buying decisions.

That said, very few CMOs have an event marketing background. When we started speaking to event marketers who became marketing leaders, they all had one thing in common: they learned essential marketing skills running events and then applied those skills to other areas.

Our mission is to help elevate the role of event marketing and help event marketers develop into marketing leaders. And we want to enable that by providing education and resources for event marketers to help them grow in their careers.

That’s why we are hosting a career day in October for ambitious B2B event marketers to help you learn more about the paths you can take in B2B marketing to advance your career.

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Event Agenda

Session 1:

Developing a Strategy: How Events Support Business Growth
Kelly Cheng, growth and marketing at Goldcast.
Sydney Sloan, former CMO at Salesloft.
Are you ready to prioritize and streamline your event strategy? If so, this session is for you. Join us for a deep dive into event goal setting, managing event budgets, and ensuring events level up to larger campaigns and company goals. Implement a few of these tips and get on track to make events a top pipeline generating channel.

Session 2:

Marketing Analytics: Using Event Data to Tell a Story
Liz Kokoska, head of DG at Wiz.
Belinda Joseph, head of events at Goldcast.
The #1 question leadership wants answered is often “what’s the ROI”? Leveraging data to tell a full story around event performance, what’s working, and areas for growth is what separates event planners from true event marketers. Get ready to roll up your sleeves, dig into the data, and craft a narrative around event programming performance.

Session 3:

Demand Generation: Making Events Part of a Larger Integrated Campaign
Kishore, Co-founder, COO at Goldcast.
Sruthi Kumar, Director of Demand generation at Tripactions.
Digital events are more than just “nice to have”—they have become a central part of integrated marketing campaigns. But how can event teams build momentum before and after a single event to keep the demand engine running for weeks or even months after the event? Join this lively session where we’ll break down how to connect the campaign dots.

Session 4:

Event Design: Bringing Events to Life Through Thoughtful Branding
Meisha Bochiocchio, Senior Content Marketing Manager at Goldcast.
Cassandra King, Head of Content & community at Superside.
Tasked with reviewing event branding and not sure where to begin? Visual elements can make or break your event experience, so having a keen eye for creative is critical. After this session, you’ll walk away with a better understanding of the design process and how teams can collaborate to bring a theme or concept to life. And, you’ll learn tips on working with designers and how to tackle these challenges if you don’t have in-house design resources.

Session 5:

Exploring Three Career Paths to Leadership
Kishore, Co-founder, COO at Goldcast.
Belinda Joseph, head of events at Goldcast.
What separates an event planner from an event marketer? And what skills do event marketers need to advance their careers? You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. Join us to learn more about how five former event marketers have climbed the corporate ladder and their insider tips on navigating your career.

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