Goldcast’s Salesforce integration

Personalized attendee conversations. Seamless integration to sync engagement data. Zero hassles.
Do you use Salesforce to manage contacts and sales? Are you in need of a virtual event platform that can be integrated with it? Here’s Goldcast.

Discover how you can seamlessly integrate Goldcast with Salesforce.

Automate the process of sending registrations from Salesforce to Goldcast. Save valuable time.

If you are collecting registrations for your events and webinars on Salesforce, you can easily send the collected data into Goldcast via the integration. This is a huge time-saver because there’s no hassle of handling multiple data uploads and messy CSVs.

Don’t bore your attendees by asking them to add information multiple times. Goldcast has got the fix.

Most event attendees hate to share their information twice, especially when they have already taken out the time to fill a lead form while registering for the event. Goldcast’s integration with Salesforce ensures that registrants get a link in their email, and can enter Goldcast on a single click!

Let attendees network with each other like in person. Capture attendee profiles in Goldcast with just a few clicks.

Transfer complete data such as name, company, title, Linkedin URL, etc., from your Salesforce registration form into Goldcast. This becomes the Goldcast user profile and enables attendees to discover each other, know more about each other, and network better amongst themselves. All of this without typing in a single word within Goldcast!

Get all the key attendee insights across multiple touchpoints at one place - the Goldcast dashboard

The data on Goldcast itself provides valuable insights from past events that can help you understand your registrants better.

Do you want to know what stage of the pipeline they represent, and with what potential? Do you want to know what percentage of the registrants are prospects vs attendees?

We got you covered!

Send back rich event data from Goldcast.
The integration works both ways!

The Goldcast-Salesforce integration lets you automatically send a treasure trove of event data back into Salesforce as lead information and custom activity. This data can be used for a variety of marketing and post-event sales follow-ups. 

Here are some of the data points that Goldcast can send back to Salesforce from your event

  • Attendee profile information
  • The time they spent at the event
  • The time they spent in each of the panels/talks
  • The interest tags they selected
  • The links/whitepapers they clicked on
  • The level of engagement on the chat
  • The questions they asked, and if they were answered
  • The polls did they participated in, where and what they filled
  • The specific items they subscribed for, on the agenda

How does Goldcast integrate with Salesforce?

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Sending Registrations from Salesforce to Goldcast

Integration via read only APIs

Add a Connected App and generate a Consumer Key and Consumer Secret for Goldcast

Salesforce Setup Area
  1. Within Salesforce, go to the Setup area.
  2. With the search box in the upper left corner, search the word app. Locate and open the App Manager.
  3. Within the App Manager, click the New Connected App button.
  4. In the configuration screen for the Connected App, fill in the following fields:
  5. Connected App Name: Goldcast
  6. API Name: Goldcast
  7. Contact Email:
  8. Enable OAuth Settings: Checked
  9. Callback URL:
  10. Selected OAuth Scopes: Access and manage your data (api)
  11. All other fields may be left blank.
  12. At the bottom of the page, press the Save button.
Salesforce Connected App Configured
  1. Now that you see your new app screen, click the Manage button.
  2. Click the Edit Polices button.
  3. Set IP Relaxation to Relax IP Restrictions.

Provide Goldcast with Connected App Credentials

Salesforce App Manager > View App
  1. Find your newly created Goldcast app in the list of Connected Apps. Using the menu on the right side choose to View your app.
  2. Click the Copy button next to the the Consumer Key.
  3. Click the Click to reveal link next to the Consumer Secret.
  4. Click the Copy button next to the the Consumer Secret.
  1. Provide Goldcast with your Consumer Key, Consumer Secret, and the Campaign ID for the Salesforce Campaign you want associated with your Goldcast event.

Integration via a webhook

This method works if you have a pre-existing functionality to fire a webhook on member status change in a salesforce campaign

  • Step 1: Obtain the following values from Goldcast
  • form_id (akin to a password- an alphanumeric key that should not be shared
  • event_id (a unique identified for the event for which the registration is being obtained
  • Add a webhook in your program flow with
  • Request Type: POST
  • URL:
  • Content-Type: application/json
  • data:
  • {

       "first_name": <first_name>,

       "last_name": <last_name>,

       "company": <company>,

       "title": <job_title>,

       "linkedin_url": <linkedin_url>,

       "email": <email>,

       "event_id": <event_id>,

       "form_id": <form_id>


  • company, title, linkedin_url are optional

Integration via Zapier

Obtain the following values from Goldcast

  • form_id (akin to a password- an alphanumeric key that should not be shared
  • event_id (a unique identified for the event for which the registration is being obtained

Configure the Salesforce Trigger

  1. Create a New Zap.
  2. Select Salesforce as your Trigger, and New Record as your Trigger Event. Click Continue.
Zapier Salesforce New Record Trigger
  1. Choose your Salesforce Account, authenticating to Salesforce if you haven't already done so. Click Continue.
  2. Configure Campaign Member as your Salesforce Object. Click Continue.
  3. From within Salesforce, create a new Campaign Member on a Campaign of your choosing. Then go back into Zapier, and click the Test Trigger button. This may take a few seconds or even a few minutes to trigger. Once the trigger test is successful, click Continue.

Configure The Filter Step

  1. Add a New Step to your Zap.
  2. Select Filter as the Step, and add the following condition;
Continue only if [Campaign ID from Step 1] [(Text) Exactly Matches] [Your Salesforce Campaign ID]
Zapier Filter Step

Click Continue. Review if the Zap would have continued, and if that was the expected result.

Configure a Webhook Post Action as given in the screenshot below



Data field names

  • form_id (mandatory)
  • event_id (mandatory)
  • first_name (mandatory)
  • last_name (mandatory)
  • email (mandatory)
  • company (optional)
  • title (optional)
  • linkedin_url (optional)

Wrap Requests in Array: No

File: leave it empty

Unflatten: No

Basic Auth: leave it empty

Headers: leave them empty

Virtual event platforms came to the limelight in recent years when the need for instant interaction at scale became necessary. They fill the void that video conferencing tools have created due to their limited capabilities. The right virtual event platform can turn an ordinary event into a high-engaging and much-talked-about event.

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