Thursday, August 18th | 2 pm ET

Salvaging Your Event Strategy

Marketers, how many times have you heard this: “We need to do more with less" or, “it’s time to tighten the belt a little bit. Let’s cut back on the marketing spend.”

😅 Marketers are constantly pushed to think outside of the box when it comes to delivering leads and driving pipeline with fewer and fewer resources.

With an economic downturn looming, there’s no time to spare.

Join us on Thursday, August 18th at 2 pm ET for a deep dive session into event planning and how to create high-impact experiences that won’t break the bank.

Caryl Lyons, CEO of Roar Events, is joining us to share:

- Practical tips on re-thinking your event experiences

- What you should and shouldn’t cut from your events

- Creative virtual experience ideas

- Free budget template for virtual and hybrid events


Belinda Joseph

Head of Events

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Belinda Joseph is the Head of Events & Community at Goldcast. With over 20 years of experience, Belinda has helped B2B companies with their global event strategy and operations to drive efficiency, pipeline, and brand awareness, while continuing to deliver exceptional customer experiences. Prior to Golcast, Belinda has held similar roles at xMatters, an Everbridge Company, and Jive Software.



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An influential and spirited event marketing leader, idea generator, creative storyteller, engaging educator, and people connector, I have 27 years of success in the events industry. A former corporate event planner turned business owner, I am the founder and creative director behind ROAR events which has served clients around the world for 14 years.