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The State of B2B Events

2023 Attendee Sentiment Report

What do B2B event attendees really want out of experiences in 2023? 

This question is top of mind heading into the new year as marketers navigate budget cuts, travel constraints, and ever-changing preferences. 

Instead of looking at what companies are doing, we surveyed 500+ real event attendees to uncover what attendees really want from events.

No guessing. No trial and error. Just the facts. 

Because navigating the brave new world of events — from in-person to virtual and now hybrid — well, it’s a challenge no event marketer should have to face alone. 

In this webinar, we’ll use data from over 500 attendees to shine a light on: 

  • Where we are in the event world right now
  • The types of experiences attendees want more of
  • What types of events attendees aren’t so keen on
  • Tangible ways to exceed expectations in 2023

We know there’s no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to the perfect event strategy. Our hope is that this data will give you the insights you need to create an event program that works for your unique audience.

Then, we’ll hear from Sangram Vajre, Co-Founder and CEO of GTM Partners, on how modern B2B brands are leveraging events as a top pipeline-generating channel. 



Sangram Vajre

Co-Founder and CEO

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Kelly Cheng

Head of Growth

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Meisha Bochicchio

Senior Content Marketing Manager

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