The Future

It’s All About
Data Your Customer

Most prospects have several different touchpoints with your company before they sign, and while it’s important to understand how events and other marketing touchpoints contribute to closed business deals (and equally as crucial to build the attribution models you need to back that up), the future of event marketing isn’t only about data.

It’s about your customer.

Connor DeLaney

Community & Events Manager,

The next generation of event marketing is going to become more focused, more tactical, and less about scale. No longer will we hear “Join 10,000 people just like you!” Instead, as with all users in the digital age we live in, we will hear calls for an experience that feels exclusive, personalized, and “me” focused.

Event marketers will be challenged to create new experiences that feel personalized, value-driven and unforgettable — all at once.

Proving revenue and accelerating the pipeline with experience-driven events your prospects and customers love.

Event Marketing 3.0

More than ever, you’ll be charged to seamlessly integrate in-person experiences with virtual experiences in a way that leaves a lasting impression with the right people. The good news is, there are now more tools than ever to help you nail it.

Adelle Rodriguez

Marketing Director, North America at RMS Cloud

B2B Events today might as well be the 3rd cousin twice removed from events
10 years ago.

Look for ways to recreate the magic of an in-person event. Aim to create a more hands-on experience that goes beyond simply telling someone how to do something, to helping them experience doing it alongside an expert speaker or facilitator.

Workshops, bootcamps, VIP and virtual peer group experiences will all play a role in the future of event marketing and while large-scale keynotes will always be in high demand, don’t be afraid to introduce smaller, more exclusive experiences that help you foster a genuine connection with your top prospects.

Karolina Mikova

Global Event Specialist, MANTA

With the recent events in mind, I believe the industry won't go back to the old standard but there will be a mix of all the types of events that emerged and gained popularity. in-person events are crucial for building relationships and will return, but I hope the conferences will focus more on socialization and bringing people together. I think the concept of webinars and online events will remain as people got used to having content available at home to be streamed later if needed.

Because even though we’ve been doing more business virtually than ever before, doesn’t mean we can’t keep the connection that made events effective in the first place. 

In the words of Sruthi Kumar, Associate Director of Field & Partner Marketing at Sendoso, “Field marketers are in a unique position to create programs to reach both prospects AND customers in a customer journey — from creating programs that are more top of funnel like thought leadership webinars to hosting intimate happy hours that are deal accelerators or retention programs.”

For revenue-focused field marketers, the opportunities to make a real impact for both prospects, customers and the organization at large, are truly endless.