Bizzabo versus Cvent:
Which Is Best for B2B Marketers?

In today's digital-first world, you'll need to partner with a solid platform to grow your event strategy. And, since you're here, we're guessing you're trying to learn more about the differences between Bizzabo and Cvent as you make your final decision.

Choosing the Right Digital Event Platform

There are so many platforms out there, and each has its own strengths and challenges. How are you supposed to make such a big decision?

To help, we've put together this handy comparison of Bizzabo and Cvent, as well as some information about Goldcast. We hope this aids you in deciding which software will best suit your event marketing goals.

Let's get started!

Bizzabo versus Cvent

Here’s a quick breakdown of the features and functionality offered by each SaaS platform and how they compare.

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Bizzabo's "Event Experience OS" lets event planners and marketers put on virtual, in-person, and hybrid events.

Though the company started off with an in-person focus, they've since shifted to include a robust virtual experience. That means, as with most cases of company expansion, current customers have been feeling some of the growing pains.

The Good: Features & Benefits of Bizzabo
Let's explore the good features of Bizzabo first.
  • Strong engagement functionality

    With Bizzabo, you can launch polls, host a dedicated Q&A tab, and let people chat throughout your event. It also offers live reactions so you can see exactly how everyone in your audience is feeling at any given moment.

  • Flexible in-person event options

    Bizzabo began as an in-person platform, and it still has many strengths in this area. While not quite as robust as Cvent, which we'll talk about soon, it's still a great option for in-person and even hybrid events

  • Ability to host pre-recorded or live webinars

    If you'd like the option to pre-record your webinars, Bizzabo offers that. You can also live stream your webinars to other platforms.

  • Nurtures attendee networking

    Bizzabo offers a unique matchmaking engine to help attendees connect in different ways. This is perfect for networking events and making 1:1 introductions.

The Bad: What Are The Drawbacks of Bizzabo ?
We researched popular review sites like G2, Capterra, and Trustradius to find out the most common challenges customers experience with Bizzabo.
  • Overwhelming to manage

    Bizzabo has a lot of bells and whistles, which can be a bit much for new users. People felt that even standard events like webinars were hard to set up, and onboarding new users and speakers was time-consuming.

  • Restricted customization options

    Marketers today are looking to build a modern brand experience for their viewers, and Bizzabo falls short here. The platform is limited across the board from a customization perspective—from the event registration pages, the event stage area, and even promotional emails.

  • One-size-fits-all agenda pages

    Speaking of limited customization, Bizzabo agenda pages were another common pain point. Marketers aren’t able to change the look and feel of agendas to match their own designs, which was frustrating.

  • Registration-based pricing

    Bizzabo’s biggest downfall is its pricing model. They currently offer registration-based pricing, which means you pay for people who might not even show up for your event. This can quickly get pricey as you scale events.

The Details: Bizzabo Pros & Cons

To summarize, here’s a simplified chart that outlines the top pros and cons of Bizzabo.


Cvent is a widely recognized industry leader when it comes to in-person events. They have a comprehensive list of features that support IRL meetings, including online event registration, venue selection, supplier procurement, badging, event marketing and management, and attendee engagement.

Their solution for in-person is best-in-class. However, for B2B marketers with a digital-first approach, Cvent falls short. Simple things like scaling webinars, building beautiful and intuitive online events, and even onboarding speakers are overly complex for this type of use case.

The Good: Features & Benefits of Cvent
Here are the awesome things about Cvent, according to current and past platform users.
  • In-person check-in and badging solution

    As an in-person-first platform, Cvent offers state-of-the-art check-in and on-demand printing capabilities. This ensures your attendees get into your event quickly and easily.

  • Advanced ticketing options for in-person events

    Hosting a complex event? No problem. Cvent supports express ticketing and add-on pricing for additional registration items. It also supports secure payment processing and walk-in registrations.

  • Sleek mobile app with agenda builder

    The Cvent Attendee Hub mobile app is powerful for engaging and networking with other attendees, particularly for in-person and hybrid event experiences. The app works seamlessly across iPhone and Android devices.

  • In-person event analytics

    Cvent rounds out its in-person capabilities with analytics. The platform allows you to track session attendance, manage session check-in and capacity, track continuing education credits, and sync this data to your CRM or MAP.

  • Event planning support

    Outside of just event management software, Cvent offers a complete supplier network for sourcing event vendors. With customizable RFPs, event planners can search and filter through thousands of venues across the globe to find an event venue that checks all the boxes.

The Bad: What Are The Drawbacks of Cvent?
Sounds great, right? Now let's talk about some of the challenges people experience when using Cvent.
  • Not built for digital events

    While Cvent is ideal for almost any in-person experience, they fall short when it comes to building beautiful online events. They do offer support for virtual events, but customers find it clunky and complicated, especially for simple events like webinars.

  • Steep learning curve

    Cvent has a lot of features, and it can take a lot of training to really learn the platform. This makes it difficult for new event organizers or speakers to get up to speed quickly.

  • Lack of high-end video production tools

    Many users note that Cvent has very limited video production capabilities, like chat publishing, overlays, or tickers. This can lead to an experience that falls flat and feels more like a Zoom call than an event.

  • Issues with event surveys

    Post-event surveys are essential for collecting real-time attendee feedback. However, many people mentioned the Cvent survey feature is not flexible or easy to use.

  • Limited customization and branding

    Marketers, in particular, mentioned that there’s a large gap when it comes to design customization. The platform is very limited here and doesn’t allow for the beautiful branding that attendees expect in a modern online event.

The Details: Cvent Pros & Cons

To summarize, here’s a simplified chart that outlines the top pros and cons of Cvent.

Goldcast: The Revenue-Driven Event Marketing Platform

There is an event platform that was built just for B2B marketers: Goldcast. Well-known industry leaders like Mailchimp, Lattice, Salesloft, and others have made Goldcast a key part of their MarTech stack—and with good reason.

At Goldcast, we aim to make it easy to set up and run high-quality digital events while providing a seamless experience for attendees and enabling organizers to prove event ROI.

The Revenue Driving Event Formula

Goldcast provides myriad integrations so that you have everything you need to run pipeline-driving events. Your sales team will get robust analytics and real-time insights during your event; this helps them follow up with prospects with the proper context to really nurture those relationships.

Proven results

Time spent per event
SQLs and demo requests
Time saved
every month
3 hrs
Implementation Support
This is an image of Nina Butler, Director of Global Events Marketing at Alyce.

That was the best part—we made the decision to pivot on a Friday, and I didn’t have to work or stress over it on the weekend. I knew that I’d be able to move the whole event into Goldcast on Monday. It wasn’t even a concern.

Megan Guerra
Increased attendance rate
This is an image of Davi Schmidt, Demand Generation Director at Snaplogic.

Goldcast was super easy to use compared to other platforms for both our employees as well as our guest speakers

Davi Schmidt
Demand Generation Director
snaplogic logo.
Video Production Capabilities
This is an image of Nina Butler, Director of Global Events Marketing at Alyce.

Our MQL goals saw an increase of 20% through Goldcast’s video production capabilities. The experience was super engaging and very modern!

Laura Lilley
Global Experiential Marketing & Events
Hootsuite logo.
The Details: Top Goldcast Features for B2B Marketers
  • A Netflix-like experience for attendees

    Netflix is popular for a reason—and Goldcast helps you harness that power as you drive and measure engagement with prospects and customers alike.

  • Works across a variety of B2B use cases

    Goldcast is flexible and works for a ton of different use cases, including community events, webinars, product launches, demos, and more.

  • Embeds CTAs and resources

    Go ahead and embed resources directly into your events!

  • Offers an array of engagement features

    You'll get features like Chat, Polls, and Q&A in a totally customizable interface.

  • High-end video production tools

    Overlays, speaker layouts, lower thirds, and tickers all contribute to an enhanced attendee experience.

  • Templates are duplicable

    The ability to duplicate templates helps you scale webinars and virtual events easily across time zones

  • Accessibility options like captioning and more

    Connect with a larger audience by taking advantage of captioning, subtitles, and translation in 14+ languages.

  • Post-event analytics sync to CRMs and MAPs

    After your event, access 16+ engagement points to learn how you can continue to grow your company.

  • Deep, native integrations with a host of tools

    Are you a HubSpot user? Maybe you're more of a Pardot or Marketo person? We integrate with a wide range of MarTech tools to make your life easier.

  • Slack + Salesforce integrations

    This helps you easily and quickly talk with your sales team so they know all about what prospects are doing in your event.

  • On-demand recordings within 24 hours

    You can expect reliable access to your event recordings within one day after the event ends.

  • Dedicated, live customer support for all events

    You'll never find yourself in a bind during an event. We've got a dedicated customer success team with live support for all of your scheduled events.

  • Easy-to-understand pricing model

    No registration-based pricing here! Our generous model is simple to understand.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do businesses choose Bizzabo?
Companies like Bizzabo for its engagement features, in-person functionality, and ability to foster networking connections among attendees. The platform supports a wide variety of events and use cases.
Why do businesses choose Cvent?
Cvent is a best-in-class solution for large-scale in-person experiences. Many companies choose Cvent as their provider if they want to invest heavily in in-person-only events.
Where do Bizzabo and Cvent fall short?
Both companies were initially designed to support in-person-only events, which means they lag behind a little bit when it comes to digital-first programs. Both companies also lack the state-of-the-art customization that a modern B2B brand would need to stand out, as well as the deep, native integrations and other key features required to drive pipeline and prove ROI.
Why choose Goldcast over Bizzabo and Cvent?
Goldcast was built to help B2B marketers deliver a Netflix-like experience for users. The platform allows marketers to prove ROI from their events, is fully customizable, and is intuitive and easy to learn. Marketers use Goldcast for many different events, from product launches to employee engagement events to virtual conferences.
More questions?
Last Updated February 8, 2023

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